About us

Our Company

Skillfield is a Melbourne based Big Data consultancy and professional services company that transforms complex IT problems into simple Big Data solutions. We have a knack for transforming complex data sets into usable and meaningful data that allows our customers to unlock valuable business insights.

Since 2016 we have been enabling our customers to maximize the business and operational value of their big data investment by helping them develop, manage, understand and utilise Big Data systems in a way that works for them.

Our name represents our vision of being the field filled with skilled IT professionals. Like a gold field filled with gold, we’re a field filled with skilled IT professionals. Our data analysts, engineers and developers bring many years of diverse IT and data experience to our team. Their varied professional history and broad skillset mean that Skillfield can bring original ideas and innovative Big Data solutions to customers.

We’ve developed close partnerships with some of the industry’s leading businesses including Red Hat, Cloudera, Lucidworks and Databricks, among others. This enables us to provide integrated services that offer a complete solution to our customers in an extremely efficient manner. Skillfield is also a Member of the Data Management Association (DAMA), so our engineers have the ability to leverage the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK), ensuring they always apply information and data management best practices.

Information security is at the heart of our business, so we were proud to obtain ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is the leading international standard focused on information security. Being recognised by an external accredited certification body as compliant gives our staff, customers and partners confidence that we are safeguarding their data.

At Skillfield, we design, develop and operate Big Data solutions to help our customers achieve market leadership, regulatory compliance and operational excellence. We specialise in utilising predictive analytics to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, so our customers can make better informed decisions about their business, now and into the future.

Our complete range of Big Data services includes Design and Development, Data Engineering, Data Migration, Data Analytics, Managed Services, Automation and Governance and Compliance.

The data is out there, we just simplify it for you.

Our Team

Mouaz Alnouri
Mouaz Alnouri - Founder/Managing Director

Mouaz leads the Skillfield team with an unrivalled passion for data and a zest for problem solving. With over a decade in the IT services industry, he’s provided intelligent solutions for complex problems throughout his career. He’s worked with major technology and telecommunications firms including Telstra and NBN Co. Limited, where he’s delivered data focused solutions that have significantly improved operational efficiency. He’s a customer-focused problem solver that leads the Skillfield team towards their vision to become Australia’s leading Big Data solutions provider.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 9.57.11 am
Hani Koshaji - Founder/Executive Director

Hani is an executive Data and Analytics industry leader with vast experience leading significant corporate-wide transformations and large teams of experts to deliver exceptional business outcomes. He is a thought-leader with outstanding stakeholder management from C level to technical teams. Hani is passionate about embedding a data-driven culture and mindset in organisations and drives to deliver innovative solutions that increase efficiencies and enable automated value-based decisions through insights and predictions.

Robert Iftime
Robert Iftime - Senior Project Lead

Robert is an energetic, versatile, diligent and focused project leader with outstanding attention for detail. Skilled in communicating complex problems in a crisp and accurate manner, Robert is able to build high performance teams and develop strong stakeholder engagement. With more than 15 years in project leadership roles, Robert has delivered numerous projects across Telco, IT, Media, Defence and Cyber Security domains. These projects range from small tactical data analytics initiatives, to large-scale complex Systems Integration programs of work. Internal or customer facing, waterfall or agile, rescuing failing projects, difficult stakeholders, compliance (SOX, NZ TaaS), Robert has been through it all and has proven himself to be an effective and reliable project leader. 

Michelle Photo
Michelle O'Brien - Business Engagement Manager

Michelle is a broadly skilled professional with over 20 years of experience in various project management, sales and marketing operations, stakeholder engagement, communications, and go-to-market roles. She specialises in bridging the gap between tech experts and non-tech stakeholders to drive great customer experience and outcomes. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys cooking, beating her kids at board games, podcasts, spending time with her needy French Bulldog, and slowly (so very slowly) renovating her family home.

Amelia Golding - Human Resources Manager

Amelia believes that great vision cannot exist without great people. An enthusiastic and passionate HR Generalist she leverages her 10yr+ experience in training and personal development to enhance employee engagement and strengthen teams. To her, the strength of the team is each individual and the strength of each member is the team. Skilled at building meaningful relationships, she utilises her energetic, positive personality and diligent work ethic to ensure Skillfield has the right people, with the right abilities, in the right jobs, at the right time.
Outside of work Amelia enjoys playing music, painting and hosting dinner parties.

Damian Wernert - Senior DevOps Engineer

About to complete his Master of Cybersecurity, Damian has been a seasoned IT professional for over 30 years. Skilled in Unix, Linux, Networking and Oracle DBA, he is passionate about infrastructure, especially with open-source technologies. Security has always been front-of-mind and has been a constant thread running through all his professional endeavours since the beginning of his career. Damian has worked with numerous organisations, including small business, government, SMEs, large businesses and global corporations. When he’s not engrossed in IT infrastructure, Damian practices Karate and loves guitar playing, wood- and metal-working and enjoys a good beer.

Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan - Senior Big Data Engineer

Arsalan is a practiced Telecommunication, IoT and IT Technologist with vast experience in technology leadership and solution architecture of medium to large scale on-premise and cloud-based applications and platforms. He’s worked for some of the biggest names out there, including Nokia, Huawei, Etisalat and Thales. He’s also 4 x Amazon Web Services (AWS), a PRINCE2 Practitioner and ITIL certified. Outside of work, he’s a cricket enthusiast who has a passion for travel.

Meenakshi Birai - Data Practice Lead

With over 19 years of experience leading and delivering Data Analytics Solutions, Meenakshi is well positioned to lead Skillfield’s Business Intelligence team. She holds a Bachelor or Engineering and has a strong background in industry as well as consulting across various industries, including Retail, Finance and Telco. Meenakshi is passionate about helping organisations become data driven. In her free time she enjoys the great outdoors and cooking up a feast in the kitchen for family and friends. 

Astha Nanda - Cyber Security Analyst Consultant

Securing society of its’ vulnerabilities and problems can take many forms and Astha feels cyber security is one of the best modes in this era. She believes new technologies such as AI are crucial in delivering the best cyber security outcomes.
With a passion for continuously developing herself, Astha holds a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity (Information Technology) with a Dean’s List from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Machine Learning course from The University of London. Astha has a forensic science background and diverse experience across the cyber security industry, with mastery of threat intelligence, detection systems and analysis reporting. Optimism and composure drive Astha whilst writing and travelling are a few things that fascinate her apart from cybersecurity.

Lakshmi Srinivas Bodepu
Lakshmi Srinivas Bodepu – Senior Big Data Engineer

Lakshmi has 10+ years’ experience in working with and implementing petabyte scale Data Warehouse, Big Data and hybrid solutions. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications and is a Teradata Certified Technical Specialist. Lakshmi enjoys exploring technologies and going for long runs when he’s not mastering Big Data.

Apoorv Chitre - Senior Data Engineer

Apoorv comes with 14+ years’ of experience in Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Data Modelling, working across different domains to deliver enterprise BI solutions. His key values are putting the stakeholders first and create win-win situation.
Outside of his work, his passion is playing Cricket and he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

Manish Chhabra-Skillfield
Manish Chhabra - Senior Data Engineer

Manish has 14+ years’ of experience in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Modelling, working across various domains including banking and telecommunications to deliver enterprise BI solutions. He has honed his experience working at NAB ,Westpac and Telstra spanning various business areas and stakeholders. Outside of work he enjoys bike riding, badminton, travelling, cooking and spending time with his two children and lovely wife.

Subodh Chettri - Principal Security Engineer

Subodh is a pragmatic professional with areas of focus being Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Analytics. He holds a CISSP certification granted by an independent security certification consortium (ISC)². His mission is to design and implement solutions for customers which are highly secure by default. Every implementation of his has security as an integral component without impacting speed to market and delivery cadence. Subodh’s expertise in IT is evidenced not only by his years of experience in various business sectors but in over a decade of satisfied customers to whom he has delivered world-class solutions.

Abhishek Jayachandran
Abhishek Jayachandran - Big Data Developer

Abhishek holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology with specialization in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University and brings with him his data mining, business intelligence and data analysis skills. He is an excellent developer and has worked on multiple projects  in data driven space where he’s had the opportunity to hone his skills and perfect his craft. He believes that data drives the world today and it is important to extract data which has value in it. Outside work, Abhishek enjoys playing sports – basketball, cricket, table tennis etc.

Abid Ali - Platform Consultant Engineer

Abid is a certified Kafka Developer and has over 6 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer across various clients in the telecommunications industry. He has experience in hybrid Cloud environments and expertise in Kafka, Kubernetes and Python, having worked on designing and developing large scale Kubernetes clusters that can hold multiple micro-services, Kafka and ArangoDB to process millions of data records per day. Outside of the IT world, Abid loves cooking, travelling and photography.

Jose Mari Ponce - Software Engineer

For the last twelve years, Jose has architected and built a wide range of applications across various industries such as Media Publishing, Insurance and Manufacturing. He started his cloud journey four years ago and was successful in migrating several on-premise monolith and legacy systems into microservice solutions. He prefers working on all parts of the technology stack, be it front-end, back-end or DevOps. He is also a certified Google Cloud Engineer and has a keen interest in Data Science and Machine Learning. Jose is a fast learner and a puzzle-junkie who likes to be put in situations that involve solving challenging problems. He enjoys musical instruments and computer games as much as writing code.

Ziqing (Astrid) Liu
Ziqing (Astrid) Liu - Operations Analyst

Astrid believes that everything is data and data is everything; she’s extremely passionate about her work. With a Master’s Degree in Information Management and an Elastic Engineer Certificate, plus specialised skills in data management, business intelligence and statistical modelling, Astrid is an expert at helping clients with data visualisation and threat detection. Outside of work she’s a jogger and puzzle solver.

Saad Abbasi
Saad Abbasi - Data Analyst

Analysing large datasets and reporting key findings to customers is Saad’s superpower. His Master’s Degree in Information Systems gives him the ability to make fact and data-based recommendations. He excels in creating interactive visualisations and dashboards that tell insightful stories through meaningful data. After hours, Saad enjoys exercising and playing snooker.

Sara Kardani Moghaddam
Sara Kardani Moghaddam - Big Data Developer

Holding a PhD from the University of Melbourne in Performance Data Analytics, Sara has done extensive research regarding Cybersecurity with hands-on experience in time series modelling and unsupervised anomaly detections. Sara contributes directly to our vision of being an advanced analytics provider for Cybersecurity use cases. She’s a data enthusiast who loves turning data into practical knowledge that can be used in a meaningful way by our customers.

Andrew Carr_Elastic Consultant
Andrew Carr - Elastic Consultant

Andrew is passionate about adaptation of data analysis tools to new contexts. He has experience developing data solutions using AWS, Azure and GCP using a broad range of services. He has experience applying Natural Language Processing to provide unique insights into complex datasets and creating dashboards to drive data driven decisions. In his spare time he enjoys flying (and fixing crashed) drones to make aerial maps.

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 11.56.08 am
Dhruv Patel - BI Consultant

Dhruv is a data analytics professional with experience in collecting, transforming and organising data for analysis and visualisations. He is a certified Tableau Desktop Specialist and Google Data Analyst and holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology.  His strong analytical skills and rigorous hands-on experience across the end-to-end data process provides exceptional data visualisations and data solutions for customers. Outside work, Dhruv likes to play cricket and tennis, socialise with the community and spend time with family.

Nisha Begam_Skillfield
Nisha Begam - BI Consultant

Nisha drives her passion for data story-telling through creative visualisations, and believes it’s a necessity in our current data driven world. She has helped many businesses such as CBA, NBNCo, Dyson and ANZ,  to be steered by data.  Her post-degree qualifications in ICT have also contributed to Nisha focusing on disruptive data insights for business solutions. Besides her data and visualisation strengths, Nisha fancies new coffee joints and enjoys a good long drive with great music.

Ramesh Pachamuthu-Skillfield
Ramesh Pachamuthu - Senior Data Engineer Consultant

Ramesh has over 15 years experience in designing and developing data solutions for various organisations. His areas of expertise include Data Integration, Data Migration, Cloud Data Platform/Pipeline, Text Analytics, Enterprise Search, and Business Intelligence. Outside of work, Ramesh enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, and cooking.

Robert Auer-Skillfield
Robert Auer - BA/Test Lead Consultant

Rob has more than two decades of experience in complex enterprise system transformation projects in telecommunication, government, banking, resources, retail, gaming, and transport sectors.  With a Master degree from the management faculty at Monash University, he has led international teams in delivering quality technology solutions across various technical landscapes including service management, cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure projects. Outside of work Rob enjoys writing music, travelling to and skiing in alpine regions in Europe.

Arunkumar Mohan-Skillfield
Arunkumar Mohan - Senior BI Consultant

Arun has over a decade of experience using analytical methods to solve business problems that help make strategic decisions. He has worked in various domains, including HR, Retail, Sales and Sustainability. Arun is passionate about new technology, tools and automation that help businesses achieve results faster. Outside of work Arun loves to cook, is an avid badminton player and a crypto punk.

Jonny Do-Skillfield
Jonny Do - Senior BI Consultant

Jonny is an accomplished BI Specialist with over 10 years experience in transforming data, systems, and processes into business insights that drive decision-making. He is a strategist with proven expertise in business analysis, data management, data analytics, data modelling, data governance, and process improvement. Outside of work he loves his coffee and meeting new people.

Jonny is an accomplished BI Specialist with over 10 years experience in transforming data, systems, and processes into business insights that drive decision-making. He is a strategist with proven expertise in business analysis, data management, data analytics, data modelling, data governance, and process improvement. Outside of work he loves his coffee and meeting new people.

Faizan Feroz-Skillfield
Faizan Feroz - Software Engineer Consultant

Faizan has been in the software industry for over 15 years. He has worked at various layers of the Software Development life cycle, from requirement engineering to product support. His main strength is in programming, carrying valuable experience in evaluating, building and implementing requirements regardless of syntax. He has vast experience across various domains such as Ecommerce (B2B and B2C), capital markets and banking using JEE and other open-source frameworks and tools. When he isn’t working, Faizan is interested in cricket and tennis.

Ann Lin
Ann Lin - Finance Manager

Ann is an exceptional financial manager with extensive experience in large companies across Technology, Telecommunications and Financial Services industries. She is a highly versatile professional and financial wizz managing all aspects of Skillfield’s day-to-day financial operations. It’s important to Ann to take time to recharge, so when she’s not working her favourite self-indulgence is relaxing on her noomi bean bags with her dogs watching Netflix.

Bhushan Rele-Skillfield
Bhushan Rele - Lead BI Consultant

Bhushan has vast experience helping businesses leverage data to identify opportunities for improvement, recognise potential issues and spot trends. Over 14 years he has worked in a variety of industries, such as Finance, Marketing, Telecommunications and Education. Bhushan is a data story teller, leader and trusted partner to organisations looking for smart data solutions. Outside of work he keeps busy playing cricket and spending time with family.

Sanket Natekar-Skillfield
Sanket Natekar - BI Consultant
Sanket is a self-motivated, team-oriented, enthusiastic and a data-driven analyst with substantial knowledge of reporting and the importance of data presentation. He possesses a Master of Analytics degree, and a professional certification in Analytics and Statistics. When Sanket isn’t at work he loves to cook, play cricket and soccer and do photography.