Cyber Security

Cyber security is a real threat.

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect, leaving organisations with skill gap challenges.

It’s not only the cyber security threat landscape that is continuously changing, so are the available tools and solutions. As security budgets are rarely endless, organisations must apply the right solutions for maximum protection.

Every organisation is different, with different assets they want to protect, and more importantly different assets attackers want to steal. Skillfield follows an incremental approach to cyber security, working with our customers to understand their real threat areas and customising a complete solution.

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Skillfield is your complete cyber security detection & response partner

Skillfield uses a five-layer cyber security approach, ensuring basic mitigation strategies are implemented first, then working through the levels in order of priority. 

  1. Security Fundamentals – firstly, we ensure our customers have the basic ‘must have’ security measures implemented 
  2. Security Awareness– build a strong security awareness program to cultivate and maintain your organisations security culture 
  3. Endpoint Detection and Response – In today’s world, most businesses work in distributed environments and use cloud applications and cloud storage, so implementing EDR software will detect and prevent attacks proactively. 
  4. Eliminate Blind Spots – achieve cyber security visibility by implementing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system which centralises and consolidates event data in real-time for attack detection, response, forensics and alert reporting.  
  5. Security Automation – help the security team increase their bandwidth and focus on resolving security issues through implementing a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation & Response) system. SOAR can help define, prioritise and standardise functions required to respond to a cyber incident.  

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Cybercrime is evolving as quickly as technology is. To counteract cyber threats and attacks, it’s imperative for businesses to stay one step ahead.

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