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Cyber Security Assessments

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

How prepared are you for a cyber security attack?

What are the real risks to your business?

Do you have the right security controls in place?

Has working from home, BYO devices or cloud migrations increased your organisation’s risk?

Unless you are in the business of cyber security, these questions can be very difficult to answer! 
Even if you have completed a cyber security assessment in the past, it’s important to regularly review your security posture.  

Why do I need a Cyber Security Assessment?

  • The cyber security threat landscape is continuously changing driven by social, economic and pandemic circumstances.
  • Your business changes over time. Many Australian businesses fast-tracked their digital transformation initiatives to provide better services, improve customer experience and meet market demands.  
  • The threat for Australian businesses has increased. In 2022 in response to the growing cyber risks the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) issued an advisory to all Australian organisations to urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture. 
  • You need customised advice. Every organisation has different priorities and assets they want to protect. More importantly, they have different things attackers want to steal.  
  • Cyber security budgets are not endless. An assessment helps you understand how you should invest to ensure the best protection for your organisation 

A cyber security maturity assessment is a great starting point

The consultation will include:

    • A cyber expert to help prioritise your business assets and understanding your businesses’ specific threat areas 
    • Expert advice on emerging cyber risks for your business industry and how to mitigate these 
    • Recommendations on how to improve your cyber security immediately, then; 
    • A prioritised roadmap of cyber security activities for your organisation to adopt to achieve your cyber security objectives  

But where do you start?

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SOC Visibility and Effectiveness Assessment

Does your organisation have a Security Operations Centre with non-optimal performance?

Signs your SOC could benefit from optimisation: 

  • Security analysts are checking multiple reports and end-points to piece together what’s happening in the IT environment 
  • You’re unable to easily or inexpensively add new assets or data sources 
  • You can’t easily leverage Machine Learning, so lack protection against zero-day attacks 
  • Your security team has alert fatigue due to the alert volumes 
  • Most alerts need investigation because your security team doesn’t receive adequate context with each alert 

A SOC Visibility & Effectiveness Assessment is a great starting point

The consultation will include:

  • A cyber expert to assess the SOC data capture by analysing data across; logs & user behaviour events, network traffic and endpoint detection and response 
  • Detection of undesirable behaviours, such as service downtime, errors and slow responses 
  • Analyse the right size for your solution including hosting, data throughput, licencing, and operational resources 
  • A customised and prioritised report containing areas of improvement to uplift  SOC performance 
  • Recommendations based on Skillfield’s  industry specific knowledge and expertise

But where do you start?

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