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Security Analytics

Skillfield empowers Australian organisations to detect cyber security threats by using analytics to identify abnormal activities in customers’ environments and respond quickly to defend against cyber attacks.

What makes us different is that we are not only cyber security experts but also big data and technology specialists.

That’s important because detecting abnormal activity in IT environments involves interpreting huge amounts of data, analysing patterns and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict what should and should not be happening. 

Antivirus software and firewalls alone don’t cut it . . . 

Traditional cyber security solutions that are based on parameters and already known threats can leave your system vulnerable as adversaries can manoeuvre around known detections.

Security analytics uses data collected from various sources such as logs, user behaviour events, network traffic and endpoint detection and response tools, then aggregates and analyses the data for threat detection and security monitoring.

Why is Security Analytics important?

Remove Blind Spots

Zero-day Attack Protection

Detect attacks early

Blind spots are the enemy! The attack surface is constantly changing due to cloud solutions, remote working, DevOps, IoT and BYOD arrangements. These new practices are making the underlying systems more complex, meaning system observability is more critical and challenging than ever before.

Understanding what is “normal” in your IT environment and therefore being able to detect “abnormal” events is the closest thing to a cyber security silver bullet we have.

Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR & XDR)

In today’s world, where most businesses work in distributed environments and use cloud applications and cloud storage, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software is crucial to detect and prevent attacks proactively.

Endpoint Protection is how companies protect their edge devices from being exploited by malicious parties; designed to discover and prevent malware or ransomware attacks during the early stages, before major damage is done.

Advanced Endpoint solutions also combine machine learning features to combat uniquely compiled malware and zero-day attacks.


  • Real-time monitoring to detect attacks early
  • Detects advanced attacks
  • XDR helps protect against zero-day attacks

EDR is more advanced than traditional antivirus. While antivirus software relies heavily on specific features such as file names to detect malware, EDR relies on behavioural analytics to recognise threats that antivirus may not easily recognise.

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Security Visibility with a Common Operating Picture (COP)

Build a Common Operating Picture (COP) across your IT environment by centrally monitoring your operational and security events. COP delivers uncompromised end-to-end visibility into your technology ecosystem in a single, open platform and enables you to quickly monitor and respond to the events inside your environment.

Benefits of COP

  • Real-time customised dashboards to reduce blind-spots & improve visibility
  • Trigger alerts to automatically identify abnormal behaviour
  • Automate your regular operational reports from a single-source of truth
  • Drive MTTR (mean time to resolve) down by having all information available including the ability to drill down into logs and traces with a few clicks, without switching context
  • Achieve operational simplicity and efficiency through tool consolidation and standardisation
  • Not purely a security solution the COP can be utilised across your entire IT/OT environments to uplift operational efficiency

Data Science in Cyber Security - Machine Learning

Businesses are continually on the lookout for dynamic and efficient solutions that can offer more robust protection. Machine learning has the potential to be as close as we can get to a cyber security silver bullet.

Leveraging machine learning in your cyber security tools means that your systems are constantly analysing patterns and learning from them. This means proactive early detection of any abnormal behaviour.

Benefits of Machine Learning

  • Scalable
  • Best protection against Zero-day threats
  • Real-time early detection

A common misconception is that Machine learning is complex and expensive. It doesn’t have to be! The right solution should be scalable and inexpensive for more assets to be added. Read a real customer machine learning journey here.

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