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Your Security Operations Centre

A Modern Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides visibility across your entire organisation by integrating and coordinating all cyber security technologies, information and operations in a centralised platform. Whether in-house or outsourced, a SOC monitors your organisation’s IT environment 24/7 to detect and respond to security events in real time. Every organisation is unique, so a customised approach is critical. However, there are some common technology solutions implemented within a SOC.

SIEM - Security Information & Event Management

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a technology solution that collects, transforms and stores data from a broad set of systems for security event logging and auditing.
  • The SIEM analyses data in real time to spot and prioritise potential security issues.
  • From there, the organisation’s security analysts will investigate and remediate the potential threat.
  • The SIEM will ‘learn’ from the outcomes of an alert investigation and improve threat detections over time.

SOAR - Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

  • SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) is a technology solution that goes a step further than SIEM to manage security threats, respond to security incidents and automate security operations.
  • Similar to SIEM, SOAR also collects, transforms and stores data, however it also features investigation workflows that can significantly reduce the time it takes to handle an alert. 
  • SOAR security can also automate the response to a security incident.
  • The SOAR reduces the human intervention required for attack detection and response.

We specialise in deploying SIEM and SOAR technology that identifies patterns and correlates events in seconds, regardless of the volume, variety or age.

Benefits of a SOC

  • Faster threat detection
  • Faster more cost effective responses to security events
  • Help organisations achieve regulatory compliance
  • Stop malware at the host
  • Centralised visibility across your whole IT environment 
  • Automated playbooks for faster analysis and response
  • Improve operational effectiveness by detecting undesirable behaviour across your whole IT environment (not just your security operations KPIs) with the ability to detect downtimes, errors and slow responses across all IT services
  • Reduce false positive alerts 
  • Automate your repeatable and manual tasks to increase efficiency and eliminate human error

SOC optimisation

Already have a Security Operations Centre but not achieving the expected benefits? Your SOC may benefit from optimisation.

Signs your SOC could benefit from optimisation:

  • Security analysts are checking multiple reports and end-points to piece together what’s happening in the IT environment 
  • You’re unable to easily or inexpensively add new assets or data sources 
  • You can’t easily leverage Machine Learning, so lack protection against zero-day attacks 
  • Your security team has alert fatigue due to alert volumes 
  • Most alerts need investigation because your security team doesn’t receive adequate context with each alert

There are many reasons why a SOC may perform inadequately, such as dated technology, non-custom configurations and non-optimal deployment or data ingestions.

Skillfield is experienced in optimising existing SOC environments to help customers achieve ultimate SOC performance. 

We work side by side with our customers to ensure we completely understand the problems that need to be solved and are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes. 

Every SOC optimisation project is different, as we tailor each solution to precisely match our customers objectives.

These are some of the SOC optimisation services and solutions we provide:

Optimise data ingestion model 

System health check to identify & solve system or index configuration issues

Implement a machine learning enabled SIEM in parallel to an existing SIEM

Implement SOAR solution

Curate your security automations and workflow playbooks

Implement Machine Learning solutions 

Not sure if your SOC is optimised? A SOC Visibility & Effectiveness Assessment is a great starting point. Or contact us & let’s chat.

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Why trust Skillfield with your SOC?

Whether you require a SOC to be built or optimised, Skillfield can help:

The Experience:

  • One of Australia’s biggest telecommunication providers, chooses Skillfield as a partner to deliver managed security services to its customers. 
  • We are not only big data and cyber security experts but also qualified technology specialists, that’s important become detecting abnormal behaviour in an IT environment means analysing vast volumes of data

The Team:

  • We are Australian based which is essential for security peace of mind
  • We work with you to deeply understand your business problem and deploy winning solutions
  • We are a genuine partner that cares, with an unbeatable team breadth and depth, with highly trained and certified professionals
  • We provide a dedicated project team from project kick-off to delivery. This means a deeper understanding of your goals, clear accountability and communication lines

The Scale:

  • Skillfield specialises in deploying SIEM & SOAR technology that identifies patterns and correlates events in seconds, regardless of the volume, variety or age.