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Big Data & Data Virtualization

Skillfield provides big data and data virtualization services to customers wanting to generate meaningful insights from their data across various data sources by implementing a flexible, scalable, simplified solution.

Always-on experiences are the lifeline of a modern business. Organisations are adopting new practices (cloud-native, cloud, DevOps etc) to deliver more value, faster and at a lower cost. These new practices are also making the underlying systems and data more complex.

Managing data from different sources and formats is a major challenge for organisations. System diversity and complexity mean that it’s common for data to be generated in a different format than what’s needed by certain applications. As well as being in a different format, it often needs intense processing for it to be useful.

Reducing data silos, reducing inconsistency and making data usable is what we do best. Being solutions-driven, we will analyse and assess each problem and find the best big data solution for your needs, these may include:

Validation of your data quality

Design & build advanced data lake and data virtualization

Automate your Big Data processes

Building and tuning data models

Big Data health check

Build configuration driven and automated data pipelines

Developing data streaming applications

Enable reusable data sets

Design your big data environment & analytics solution

Enable data science capability

Optimisation Recommendations

Operational support & managed services

We design, develop and operate Big Data solutions that enable you to unlock business insights and utilise predictive analytics to help you achieve market leadership and operational excellence.

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The Skillfield difference . . .

One of Australia’s biggest telecommunication providers trusts Skillfield as a partner. We support them through a range of big data solutions including managed services, architecture improvements and data engineering, resulting in an integrated and scalable platform, real-time analytics and deeper data insights.

We’ve worked on complex Big Data migration projects for a range of customers, always ensuring we use current techniques to securely, seamlessly and efficiently migrate data. We undertake rigorous testing to ensure minimum down time and disruption for our customers.

We have vast experience in automation. Automation is key to efficiency and achieving operational excellence. Automating your Big Data processes reduces the risk associated with human error, frees up valuable resources, and decreases operational costs. Skillfields team of Big Data experts use the latest and most innovative methods of IT automation, enabling you to focus on value added activities.

Our team of Big Data professionals apply the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBok) to help your business gain insights into actionable use cases and accelerate your businesses big data adoption to deliver better customer outcomes.