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Business Intelligence
& Reporting

Organisations are operating in an increasingly uncertain environment.

To have an edge in the market every decision must be informed and well-timed, so the business intelligence solutions supporting these decisions need to be flexible, innovative, easy to consume and in real-time.

of employees use their instinct or hunch rather than data to make decisions
0 %
of employees say data-overload has contributed to workplace stress
0 %
of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics
0 %

Skillfield design, build and automate BI solutions that improve the visibility of your organisation’s metrics in real-time so action can be taken quickly. 

We specialise in transforming vast volumes of unusable data into an understandable and interpretable format, to allow users to see, explore and understand large amounts of information. Our core BI services include:

Design, Build & Automate Dashboards & Visualisations

Automation of data validation and alerting

Centralising data assets through an enterprise wide reporting portal

Build a Data Catalog & improve data governance

Analyse & optimise data processes

Remove data silos and unsupported data sources

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Is your Reporting Team?

  • Spending most of their day updating reports
  • Busy actioning one-off requests 
  • Validating and reconciling data from various sources
  • Searching for the correct calculations and metrics 
  • Waiting for data sources and reports to update 

Are your data users?

  • Producing their own metrics and reports 
  • Reluctant to trust existing data and reports 
  • Duplicating reports and metrics that already exist because they are unaware of available data assets
  • Basing decisions on gut-instinct due to the lack of data and insights
  • Waiting for weekly or monthly reports as real-time data is unavailable

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