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Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can help organisations achieve their digital transformation & strategic data objectives.

Skillfield’s cloud based, on-site & multi system data migration services unify your data architecture so the source and destination systems work in sync. We’ve worked on complex Big Data migration projects for a range of customers, always ensuring that we use current techniques to securely, seamlessly and efficiently migrate data.

Our customers experience the following benefits following their smooth transition to the cloud.


Cost Reduction

Achieve Digital Transformation goals

Scalable Solutions

Improved Reliability

Optimise performance

Enhanced Innovation

Improve agility

Streamline & Automate data processes

Migrating and synchronising large sets of data can be time consuming and drain key resources. Your data architecture may not be compatible, or your current systems may not fully support the process.

Cloud migration involves a lot of moving parts and can result in a costly and lengthy process if you don’t work with the right partner. 

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Why Skillfield?

We have the experience and expertise across cloud migration, big data and cyber security, along with the technology partnerships to seamlessly and efficiently assess, plan and execute your cloud migration.
Skillfield conducts rigorous end-to-end assessment and planning across your organisations processes, strategy and tools to ensure your customised migration plan can be executed securely and smoothly. We undertake thorough testing to ensure minimum down time and disruption for our customers.