Data Analytics Strategy & Maturity Assessment WHT200W

Data Analytics Strategy & Maturity Assessment

Does your organisation have an evolved data strategy?

Is data woven into every decision your organisation makes?

Does your organisation understand its current data capabilities and improvement areas?

Is all your data sourced from a single source of truth across the organisation?

Data is becoming increasingly complex and actionable data has never been more important. If your organisation isn’t harnessing data as a strategic asset to make data-driven decisions, your organisation will benefit from a Data Analytics Strategy & Maturity Assessment.

Why do I need a Data Analytics Strategy & Maturity Assessment?

  • You need to baseline. It is difficult to achieve your data objectives without a solid understanding of the organisations as-is status
  • The data landscape is constantly changing. New technologies regularly enter the market, including a significant increase in cloud and open source solutions delivering smarter and cheaper ways of working. 
  • Your business changes over time. Many Australian businesses fast-tracked their digital transformation initiatives to provide better services, improve customer experience and meet market demands. 
  • You need expert customised advice. Even companies with in-house data professionals will rarely possess the expertise and experience to holistically evaluate and advise on every aspect of the data strategy and framework.
  • Budgets are not endless. An assessment helps you understand how you should invest to ensure the best solution for your organisation.

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Where do you start?

Data Analytics Strategy & Maturity Assessment is a great starting point. The consultation will include:

  • A data expert to analyse the organisations data maturity across the key areas of systems, technology, people and culture
  • An evaluation on how effectively the organisation leverages data and the challenges, risks and issues currently faced by the business
  • Expert advice on emerging data challenges, opportunities and technology advancements in your industry
  • A prioritised roadmap of recommended activities for your organisation to adopt to achieve your data strategy and maturity objectives