Data Science AIML WHT200W

Data Science - AI/ML

Want to identify risks and opportunities early?

Ready to move from reactive to proactive decision making?

Want to evaluate scenarios and take the guesswork out of decisions?

Do you wish for less uncertainty around the future?

Move beyond traditional reporting and business intelligence to predict what is likely to happen and gain actionable insights into the best course of action using data science. 

As organisations aim to improve efficiency while developing a more customer focused approach, there’s a growing need for predictive analysis. This technology enables organisations to develop personalisation, recommendations and predict outcomes based on real data.

At Skillfield, we’re here to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies by our customers. We provide innovative data mining services including advanced behaviour analysis, resource optimisation and prediction to allow you to capitalise on your Big Data assets by providing next generation analysis that drive competitive advantage. Our BI to AI services include:

  • Building data models using machine learning technologies
  • Performing descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics on client data
  • Building and tuning models and anomaly detection
  • Creating and deploying custom machine learning use cases
  • Designing and building dashboards based on analytics results
  • Enabling alerts for anomalies
  • Integrating analytics platforms with third-party software

Drive competitive advantage

Optimise your resources

Identify risks & opportunities early

Improve the business impacts of changes

Deliver better customer experiences

Remove decision lag times

Improve profitability

Deliver value faster

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Why Skillfield?

Big Data is what we do! We have in-house machine learning experts, big data engineers, big data consultants, big data analysts and data scientists.

We have the experience. We have completed many successful big data projects for customers, including levering AI & ML in:

  • Predictive modelling
  • Text and sentiment analytics
  • Image recognition
  • Cognitive and natural language
  • Anomalies detection