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Data Warehousing

of Australian businesses make data-driven decisions
0 %
Data-driven organisations generate more than 30% growth per year
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of employees use their instinct or hunch rather than data to make decisions
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Organisations that rely on data to drive their key decision making achieve better business outcomes, lower costs, increased profit and competitive advantage. So why do only 61% of Australian businesses make data-driven decisions?

Why isn’t this figure higher?

Common obstacles are:

  • Data is siloed and disorganised 
  • Resource skill and capacity challenges 
  • Data volume and complexity 
  • Reliance on legacy technology 

A fundamental component in being data-powered is a modern data warehouse.

A data warehouse is the centralised repository of all enterprise data from various sources that will be used for reporting and analysis. It is a core component in an organisation’s data framework. If data is not effectively sorted, cleaned, organised and stored, it can’t be easily used for insights. 

Data Warehouse architecture is not a one size fits all approach and the solution should depend on the organisation’s data volume, structure, historical data requirements, real-time data requirements, organisational structure and the needs of the end user of the reports, insights and analysis. 

Skillfield is experienced in building robust modern data warehouses and re-engineering legacy warehouse systems to optimise performance.

Our customers enjoy the following benefits:

Remove Data Silos & achieve a Single Source of Truth

Improve quality & remove human error

Reduce the time spent managing data

Automate to remove manual tasks

Derive greater value from data

Enable Data Science

Enable reusable data sets

Simplify the user experience

Reduce data Costs

Scalable & Adaptable Data Solutions

Uplift data culture

Better query performance

With every undertaking, we are committed to achieving the best outcome and will customise the solution for your business.

The Skillfield team has extensive experience:

Designing & building modern architecture data warehouses

Data mapping, modelling and engineering

Enabling data science and reporting capability

Platforming health checks and optimisation

Operational support and managed services

Get started today!

Are data platform or complexity challenges preventing your organisation from making data-driven decisions? Contact us.

The Skillfield difference . . .

  • We are not only big data experts but we are highly qualified technology specialists
  • We work with you to deeply understand your business problem and only deploy purpose-built solutions
  • We have experience across cloud migration, open source tools and dealing with closely interlinked legacy technology
  • Our data architects and engineers apply the Data Management Body of Knowledge (#DMBok) best practices to all data warehouse development

Analysing data in real-time is key to operational success and drives competitive advantage. It gives your business the ability to constantly ask new questions, review the results and see where those results lead. 

Our skilled platform architects and engineers use industry best practices and work closely with our technology partners to create flexible and scalable platforms that are right for your business.