Elastic for Network Security Monitoring – Webinar

Network Security Monitoring (NSM) is the process of collecting, detecting, and analysing network security data. Understanding what is happening in your network is an effective way to detect and prevent attacks. The problem is how to choose and deploy the right network security monitoring tools for your tailored solution.

It should come as no surprise that packet data is one of the most important sources for NSM. However, sometimes analysing and interpreting packet data only is not enough for security analysts to have a holistic understanding of the network environment. Diagnosing unusual network performance through traffic flow data also facilitates the detection of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). With a large amount of data, a centralised platform is of paramount importance to aggregate all data with the correlation between events.

Watch this video to learn why you need to collect network data from a variety of sources and how to implement Elastic Stack as a core component in gathering and visualising network data. You will also learn how to leverage advanced machine learning (ML) techniques to uncover the patterns in network data flow and proactively detect network behaviour anomalies. 

The webinar covers:

  • What is network security monitoring (NSM)?
  • Types of network data
  • Common toolset
  • Overcoming challenges with NSM
  • Using Machine Learning for NSM
  • Demo

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