How to Improve Your Business Security Maturity with a Practical Methodology

Cyber criminals are targeting businesses at an alarming rate and it’s costing Australian companies $33 billion annually!

Cyber security is a evolving field and Australian businesses need to stay ahead of the game. The Australian Cyber Security Centre recommends that you review your company’s detection, mitigation, and response capabilities so there are no blind spots in your network when it comes to cyber threats!

This whitepaper explains Skillfield’s methodology, which Australian businesses can use to optimise their cyber security budgets and apply the right solutions for maximum protection.

This whitepaper will explain:

  • Why you need a methodology with an incremental approach
  • The Evolving cyber threat landscape
  • Why Expectations vary between stakeholders
  • The Essential Eight Maturity Model on how to approach cybersecurity
  • The 3 Next steps to ensure security maturity for your business

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