How We Do It

Our Customer’s Journey

Our services are delivered through a client journey crafted carefully to maximise the value for money to our clients. The main phases for our clients’ journey is outlined in the image below and include:

  1. Solution Design
  2. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate the solution design
  3. Assess and evaluate the MVP
  4. Build the Production Solution
  5. Handover and train users

Each phase will encompass a discrete subset of deliverables and contribute incrementally to our client’s wanted outcomes.

Data Management Best Practice

As a member in the Data Management Association (DAMA), Skillfield engineers leverage the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) to apply information and data management best practices to enhance the business value of your Data. We are also a gold sponsor for DAMA which demonstrates our commitment to the data community and our support for best practices.

Project Delivery Methodology

Skillfield has adopted Agile methodologies to deliver a number of projects in the client’s space. This has enabled the project delivery team to work collaboratively and iteratively to deliver remarkable outcomes and achieve projects’ objectives within proposed timelines.

For each project, Skillfield works with the client to identify the project team (Agile cross-functional team) and decide on skillsets and the expertise required to deliver the project (e.g. Product Owner & Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Developers & DevOps engineers). Once the team is formed, Skillfield schedules a series of planning workshops to form and elaborate project scope.

Through program planning workshops, the project team analyses the proposed scope, clarifies ambiguities with product managers/owners, and decomposes scope into deliverables (epics, features, user stories). Dependencies between backlog items are then identified along with estimates based on a common definition of ‘done’. This forms the project backlog in which items are ordered based on business value. These enable the team to plan sprints, align deliverables and set the right expectations from a timeline and product offering perspective.

Together with the client, the Skillfield team then plans the sprints ceremonies and mutually agree on timeline, tools and communication methods. A preliminary design will follow, used as the foundation for the first stories but able to be refactored with project progress.

Our Uniques

We are a generous partner that genuinely cares
We work with your team and share knowledge
We are agile and flexible.

Our Guarantee

Skillfield is confident of satisfying its clients and is willing to offer a “Value for Money Guarantee” in every engagement subject to the terms and conditions in our agreement.


At Skillfield, we simplify Big Data.

We design, develop and operate Big Data solutions that enable you to unlock business insights and utilise predictive analytics to help you achieve market leadership, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence. Our team of Big Data specialists will help your business gain insights into actionable use cases, accelerate Big Data adoption and ultimately deliver better customer experiences.

Design & Develop

Design & Develop

Analysing data in real-time is key to operational success and drives competitive advantage. It gives your business the ability to constantly ask new questions, review the results and see where those results lead.

Our skilled designers and developers use industry best practices and work closely with our partners to create flexible and scalable platforms that are right for our customers. These Big Data solutions give you the ability to easily manage and analyse big data sets so you can learn from past errors, identify areas of improvements, make informed data-based decisions and effectively forecast the future.

Our team will ensure that they fully understand your current challenges and needs, as well as your Big Data goals before identifying the best suited solution for your business. Once we have a complete understanding, we’ll select the right place for your data whether on-premise or cloud-based depending on your compliance and business requirements.

Our skilled designers and developers will ensure that your Big Data solution has the right foundation, so we can continuously improve it to reach its full potential. We ensure our solutions are value for money, easy to use and tailored exactly to your business and operational needs.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Managing data from different sources and formats is a major challenge for organisations. System diversity and complexity mean that it’s common for data to be generated in a different format than what’s needed by a certain application. As well as being in a different format, it often needs intense processing in order for it to be useful.

Removing data silos, reducing inconsistency and making data usable is what we do best. We fully support your data journey from data acquisition to processing and storing, doing it in a way that makes the data understandable and optimised specifically for your business. Our skilled engineers use innovative technology to bring you data at the right time in the right format, exactly when you want it and how you need it. Our Data Engineering services allow our customers to focus on data modelling and analysis, rather than wasting resources on solving the complexity surrounding diverse data and infrastructure.

We use industry best practices to build scalable Big Data environments that optimise your resources, and effectively and securely integrate your data. Our comprehensive solutions make it easier to maintain your Big Data and unlock unseen opportunities.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Migrating large sets of data can be time consuming and drain key resources. Your data architecture may not be compatible, or your current systems may not fully support the process.

Securely migrating your data with minimum hassle and down time means that you can focus on more important things. Our cloud based, on-site & multi system Data Migration services unify your data architecture so the source and destination systems work in sync.

We’ve worked on complex Big Data migration projects for a range of customers, always ensuring that we use current techniques to securely, seamlessly and efficiently migrate data. We undertake rigorous testing to ensure minimum down time and disruption for our customers.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data is an asset that many businesses either overlook or don’t fully utilise; its invaluable when it comes to understanding your business and your customers. Analysing data lets you dig deeper into how to optimally operate, while identifying new opportunities, and make more informed decisions.

As organisations aim to improve efficiency while developing a more customer focused approach, there’s a growing need for predictive analysis. This technology enables organisations to develop personalisation, recommendations and predict outcomes based on real data.

At Skillfield, we’re here to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies by our customers. We provide innovative data mining services including advanced behaviour analysis, resource optimisation and prediction to allow you to capitalise on your Big Data assets by providing next generation analysis that drive competitive advantage.

Managed Services

Managed Services

If you find managing your Big Data platforms a challenge, then you’re not alone. Many organisations face the same challenge, they invest in Big Data systems and then struggle to use them to their full potential. It’s especially challenging when processing real-time data from multiple sources like sensors, IoT devices, social networks and online transactions, where terabytes of data need to be processed continuously and acted upon immediately.

Having a stable, scalable Big Data system is critical to being able to achieve everything that Big Data was designed to do; help your business achieve operational excellence and drive competitive advantage.

The Skillfield team work as an extension of your team to support your business by gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenges you face. We provide progressive solutions to stabilise and optimise your platform, as well as secure it by delivering consistent quality services through 24/7 support. We optimise the reliability of your Big Data platform and services without requiring additional resources or increasing expenses.



Automation is key to efficiency and achieving operational excellence. Automating your Big Data processes reduces the risks associated with human error, frees up valuable resources, and decreases operational costs.

Skillfield has a wide range of expertise that will help you automate your Big Data processes and tasks in a way that works for your business. Our team of Big Data experts uses the latest and most innovative methods of IT automation, enabling you to focus on value-add activities rather than day-to-day tasks.

We’ll help you revolutionise the way your business operates by automating cumbersome Big Data tasks and processes, enabling you to focus on the valuable aspects of your Big Data investment.

Governance & Compliance

Governance & Compliance

Cyber threats are a real challenge that many organisations face; they pose a major threat to your business operations. We help you protect your information and systems from cyber threats by ensuring that you meet industry specific compliance and governance requirements.

Application and infrastructure security are embedded with every Skillfield service, so you have peace of mind when it comes to your Big Data assets. Our senior analysts provide advice related to current policies and governance practices, including process guidance to achieve compliance and to assist you with building your business continuity plan.