The Midnight Worries! Cyber Security is keeping Australian Company Directors up at night.

The perception of cyber security by Boards of Directors is undergoing significant change. As a result, Cyber Security Professionals must stay updated on these developments and understand how they impact their responsibilities, especially in terms of reporting to and communicating with the Board.

Today cyber security and data theft are consistently ranked as dominant stressors for Australian company directors. In fact, in a recent Director Sentiment Index Survey, this was the number one issue that kept them awake at night.

This whitepaper explores the dynamics and mutual expectations between Cyber Security Professionals, Cyber Security Committees and the Board.

The whitepaper will explain:

  • Why there is a greater scrutiny on cyber security
  • What this increased scrutiny means for cyber security professionals
  • What the Board cares about
  • What the Boards expect from cyber security professionals
  • What cyber security professionals can expect from the Board
  • How to effectively communicate with the Board

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