Skillfield’s Automated Metadata Capture Tool for Tableau

Streamline the metadata capture process and fast track your initiatives!

A fundamental step in becoming a data driven organisation and unleashing the power of your organisation’s data is knowing what data you have!

Metadata is the information about data and it is critical to enable organisations to effectively use, store & manage data effectively.

So why don’t more organisations capture their metadata?

The short answer is… it’s time consuming and expensive to do so.

Nowadays organisations are challenged with the level of complexity in their data solutions. The number of reports, data sources, dashboards and reporting environments can be enormous.

The Skillfield Automated Metadata Capture Tool for Tableau

takes less than two minutes (av.) per Tableau workbook to capture

  • Attribute level details for each worksheet along with calculations used in calculated fields
  • Projects the data source is published on the Tableau server
  • Number of Dashboards in a Tableau workbook along with their names
  • Number worksheets linked to any dashboard along with their names
  • Names and details of data sources each worksheet is connected to

Benefits of capturing metadata

Metadata is essential to:

Improve data user experience & confidence

Identify data silos

Improves data quality

Improve data governance

Identify reusable data assets

Remove data duplication

Optimise Tableau licences

Helps optimise data processes

Metadata Capture Use Cases

Effectively capturing metadata provides a holistic view of an organisation’s business data and helps drive data as strategic asset. Common use cases that
require metadata:

  • Building an Enterprise Data Model
  • Data Governance projects
  • Enable cross domain data mapping
  • Uplift organisations insights and data-driven decision making
  • Assist in scoping data projects such as data platform migration