Elastic SIEM

Security is everyone’s responsibility. However, the tools of yesterday can’t keep up with today’s challenges. Blind spots are the enemy, and the attack surface is changing due to strategic shifts to the cloud, remote work and BYOD.

Skillfield is specialised in deploying Elastic SIEM (Security information and event management). A centralised security event logging and auditing solution that provides a solution to collect, transform, and store data from a broad set of systems. Data in different formats is aggregated and ingested into Elastic common schema, which simplifies query processes for certain pieces of information.



The centralised event logging and auditing solution (Elastic SIEM) is used to identify log patterns and correlate events in seconds, no matter its volume, variety, or age. This process improves the real-time visibility into your IT/OT environment and eliminates blind spots by consolidating silos of data into one datastore. The solution is equipped with both Elastic- and community-developed protections powered by machine learning and technique-based methods.


Skillfield helps you realise all of this in a seamless process. Our areas of expertise that help achieve this outcome include:


  • Design of log generation and management strategies
  • Deployment and configuration of the cluster
  • Tuning, upgrading, and platform migrations
  • Installing and configuring log collection agents on client devices
  • Extracting, transforming, and loading logs
  • Log enrichment
  • Collecting and retaining security events for investigation
  • Deployment of out-of-the-box and custom machine learning-based detection
  • Configuring incident actions
  • Augmenting platform capabilities with plugins