What We Do

Cybersecurity, Observability, And Big Data Analytics Solutions

At Skillfield, we solve complex problems by assigning simple big data solutions to them. We are an agile big data consultancy with a field of skilled professionals on our team, all hyper-qualified and able to deliver on your requirements. We work side by side with our clients, ensuring complete immersion in the problems that need to be solved.

Our three core functions and key activities include:

  • Using big data to uplift cybersecurity detection and response capabilities
  • Using big data to uplift operational observability capabilities
  • Using big data analytics (BI to AI) to uplift the maturity of analytics capabilities

With every undertaking, we are committed to achieve the best outcome. Passionate about what we do, we are here to help you unravel your complex problems, while sharing knowledge with you to make things easier in the long run. Value for money is always the end result for our clients, regardless of the project, commitment, or timeframe it follows.

Business Solutions Offered Through Our Big Data Services

Being solutions-driven, we will analyse and assess each problem and find the best big data solution for your needs. Here’s a loosely compiled breakdown of what outcomes you can expect. We will tailor and sharpen each solution and service to precisely match up to what you need us to deliver.

Uplift Cybersecurity Detection And Response Capability

  • Re-establish confidence in security programs
  • Stop malware at the host, while enabling centralised visibility and advanced threat detection
  • Implement fast, scalable, and relevant threat intelligence and data enrichment
  • Leverage machine learning to combat zero-day attacks, insider threats, and uniquely compiled malware
  • Organize SOC tasks and playbooks for automated analysis and response.
  • Focus on security outcomes, not budget, with a right size solution

Uplift Your Operational Monitoring Capability

  • Achieve operational simplicity and efficiency through tool consolidation and standardization
  • Drive MTTR towards zero, meeting SLAs by delivering complete visibility in a Common Operating Picture (COP) across your entire IT/OT environments
  • Detect undesirable behaviour (service downtime, errors, slow responses) with actionable information to pin down root cause in an effective manner
  • Enable operators to investigate metrics and accelerate investigations by drilling down into logs and traces with a few clicks without switching context
  • Utilise machine learning to detect anomalies across uptime data, resource utilisation, logging patterns, and most relevant traces
  • Right size your solution including hosting, data throughput, licencing, and operational resources

BI to AI Analytics Services

  • We will guide you through the journey of increasing the value of your data and uplifting the maturity of your analytics
  • Enable internal and external data processing to drive your business growth
  • Provide a data analytics service to process all your ingress and egress data, structure it so that it is comprehensible
  • Optimise your data for efficiency as per your requirements to unleash new opportunities


Centralised Security Event Logging And Auditing (Elastic Security)

Security is everyone’s responsibility. However, the tools of yesterday can’t keep up with today’s challenges. Blind spots are the enemy, and the attack surface is changing due to strategic shifts to the cloud, remote work, BYOD, etc.

Skillfield is specialised in deploying Elastic SIEM (Security information and event management). A centralised security event logging and auditing solution that provides a solution to collect, transform, and store data from a broad set of systems. Data in different formats is aggregated and ingested into Elastic common schema, which simplifies query processes for certain pieces of information.

The centralised event logging and auditing solution (Elastic SIEM) is used to identify log patterns and correlate events in seconds, no matter its volume, variety, or age. This process improves the real-time visibility into your IT/OT environment and eliminates blind spots by consolidating silos of data into one datastore. The solution is equipped with both Elastic- and community-developed protections powered by machine learning and technique-based methods.

Skillfield helps you realise all of this in a seamless process. Our areas of expertise that help achieve this outcome include:

  • Design of log generation and management strategies
  • Deployment and configuration of the cluster
  • Tuning, upgrading, and platform migrations
  • Installing and configuring log collection agents on client devices
  • Extracting, transforming, and loading logs
  • Log enrichment
  • Collecting and retaining security events for investigation
  • Deployment of out-of-the-box and custom machine learning-based detection
  • Configuring incident actions
  • Augmenting platform capabilities with plugins
Breadth of visibility
Retention of actionable data
False positives
Analyst ramp
Incident impacts

Security Orchestration, Automation, And Response (SOAR) – TheHive

SOAR describes the capabilities of threat and vulnerability management, security operations automation, and security incident responses. While orchestration emphasises the integration of different security tools to streamline incident management processes, automation reduces the human intervention required for attack detection and incident response.

By using SOAR solutions to minimise manual tasks, you can save valuable time and resources used by your security team, which in turn improves overall productivity.

Skillfield leverages TheHive Project to automate security case creation and management. We also integrate TheHive and other SIEM solutions to efficiently detect, prioritise, and respond to security incidents.

Our areas of expertise that contribute to this outcome for you, include:

  • TheHive and Cortex design, build and administration
  • Integrate TheHive with SIEM solutions and other feeders including MISP
  • Develop analysers and responders to efficiently prioritise, analyse and respond to security incidents.
  • Automate security case creation and management to increase effectiveness
  • Integrate Cortex with sandboxes and other 3rd party systems like ticketing systems and security appliances
  • Build customisable dashboards for reporting
Incidents per analyst
Alert fatigue
High value activity
Incident impacts

Endpoint Protection (Elastic Endpoint)

Endpoint Protection is how companies protect their edge devices from being exploited by malicious parties. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems are designed to discover and prevent malware or ransomware attacks during the early stages before major damage is done. The advanced Endpoint solutions also combine machine learning features to combat uniquely compiled malware.

Skillfield’s team utilise machine learning-based Elastic Endpoint Security to protect our clients’ end-user devices. You can reduce the mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-response (MTTR) as all detected malware is stopped immediately by Endpoint Security. We use pre-built detection use cases to deploy security solutions within a shorter timeframe, resulting in reduced costs.

Elastic Endpoint Security is integrated with Elastic SIEM allowing you to choose a solution that lowers the learning curve for every practitioner and maximises the effectiveness of experienced practitioners.

Our areas of expertise that help us deploy the solution for you effectively include:

  • Experience in designing and deploying Elastic SIEM
  • Utilising automation to install and configure Elastic Endpoint on client devices
  • Deployment of out-of-the-box and custom endpoint security use cases
Incident impacts

Centralised Operational Event Monitoring And Alerting (Elastic Observability)

Always-on experiences are the lifeline of a modern business. Organisations are adopting new practices (cloud-native, cloud, DevOps, etc.)  to deliver more value, faster, and at a lower cost. These new practices are also making the underlying systems more complex. System observability is more critical and challenging than ever before.

We can help you build a Common Operating Picture (COP) across your IT environment by centrally monitoring your operational events using Elastic Observability. COP delivers uncompromised end-to-end visibility into your technology ecosystem in a single, open platform and enables you to keep a strong track record of transparency in order to scrutinise measures inside your environment.

With Elastic Observability we provide centralised operational event monitoring and auditing solutions. We use trigger alerts combined with operational events to build real-time dashboards that help you visually see what’s happening in your environment when something abnormal happens.

Our areas of expertise that help us deliver these cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Collection of operational events from various systems
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in operational events
  • Building operational dashboards
  • Deployment of custom machine learning-based anomaly detection
  • Trigger alerts for incidents
  • Generation of regular operational reports
Team disruption
High value activity
Impact of service disruptions


Managed Services For Elastic

Skillfield provides Managed Elastic Services to clients who want to save time, money or expertise on the deployment and tuning of such technology. We have experienced Elastic Engineers that help you understand your system architecture and will help you implement a flexible solution.

Our managed services for Elastic include:

  • Creating a secure design
  • Installing agents and infrastructure
  • Configuration and tuning of the system
  • Collecting and parsing logs
  • Providing 24/7 outbound notification and support

Big Data Analytics Using Elastic ML

Our Skillfield team helps our clients make the best use of their data by leveraging the Elastic Machine Learning solution. Our data analysts and data scientists will work closely with you to generate meaningful insights extracted from different data sources.

Our Elastic ML big data analytics services include:

  • Building and tuning data models
  • Deployment of out-of-the-box machine learning use cases
  • Creation of custom machine learning use cases
  • Building of dashboards based on analytics results
  • Enabling alerts for anomalies

Big Data Analytics Using Databricks

We leverage the use of Azure Databricks in order to process, transform, and explore client data. Our data engineers deliver an integrated service through extract, load, transform (ELT) processes and machine learning models.

Our Databricks big data analytics services include:

  • Designing and building a unified data platform
  • Deployment of ETL pipelines to ingest data
  • Building data analytics dashboards
  • Building and tuning predictive models and anomaly detection
  • Developing streaming or batch applications

BI To AI Analytics Services

We combine the power of BI and AI data analytics tools to help clients gain deeper insights into their businesses. This allows you to make smarter predictions and data-driven decisions. We follow the DMBoK best practices in delivering data analytics solutions.

Our BI to AI analytics services include:

  • Provision of BI consulting services
  • Validation of your data quality
  • Designing of analytics solutions
  • Set up of your analytics environment
  • Development of real-time analytics dashboards
  • Building of data models using machine learning technologies
  • Performing descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics on client data
  • Integration of the analytics platform with third-party software

We are ready and waiting to build a simple big data solution that will help you solve your complex cybersecurity problems. Take the next step to optimise your business for efficiency and start uncovering new opportunities to save money and boost performance.

Our Partnerships And Technology

Our list of capabilities doesn’t end there. We are constantly growing and evolving with technology and the ever-changing cybersecurity and big data landscapes. These are the partnerships and technology we are proud to be associated with.